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Welcome to the Resource Page for the MyFarm KiwiFruit Fund proposal.

Below you’ll find an overview of the Fund. Scroll down on the page to find links to documents, presentations and other information that have been shared with unitholders to date.


Since establishing the first MyFarm Kiwifruit Limited Partnership in 2018, MyFarm-managed kiwifruit LPs now own properties worth almost $180 million across 11 ownership entities; together a significant stake in New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry.
We continue to have confidence in the Kiwifruit industry and its ability to deliver strong cash and capital returns in the years ahead. You can hear more about this from David Jensen in his short video which can be found below.

Whilst the Limited Partnership structure allowed agility in the initial years, we believe a Fund structure would serve unitholders better as we look to the future:  with the potential of increasing investment returns, reducing risk and variability of returns, and improving the liquidity of your investment.

Transitioning to a Fund structure would effectively mean combining the individual Limited Partnerships into one single Fund, with unitholders then becoming shareholders in the Fund and its portfolio of properties.

The main benefits that we see in moving to a Fund structure are shown below. Click on the image to read more about each benefit.

1. Improved Investor Returns

2. Reduced Variability

3. New Revenue Streams

4. Improved Liquidity

Proposed Timeline


Property portfolio:
  • The 11 Limited Partnerships together own 17 orchards; with an approximate value of $180m.
  • 94% of the canopy hectares are currently planted with SunGold Kiwifruit

Overview of Fund: Benefits, Structure and Transition process

(Originally presented during February and March unitholder events)

Webinar Recording

Offer Webinar

David Jensen Kiwifruit Industry Outlook

Zespri Shares Analysis

(Originally distributed February 2024)


Zespri Shares Webinar

Industry Update Webinar with Tim Morris

Property Portfolio Information

Independent Property Valuations

Industry Information


Fund Offer Document

Information Memorandum

Questions & Answers

*To be shared at a later date

Who to contact

Andrew Watters

Chief Executive

MyFarm Investments

029 440 6605

Louise Bignall

Head of Client Relations

MyFarm Investments

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Gordon Love

Client Relations

MyFarm Investments

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David Jensen

Independent Chair

Kiwifruit LPs

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Russell McDivitt

Portfolio Manager

MyFarm Investments

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